El Cyber AI Analyst de Darktrace nos da tranquilidad. Es una solución de primera clase que ha complementado nuestro flujo de trabajo.

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Objetivos conseguidos de un vistazo:

La IA de autoaprendizaje aprende el comportamiento digital único e identifica las amenazas genuinas

El Cyber AI Analyst automatiza las investigaciones y aumenta un equipo de seguridad reducido

La IA dinámica y los servicios de apoyo adicionales protegen a la entidad financiera durante los turnos de entrada y salida del trabajo a distancia

Comprender el comportamiento de los usuarios con la IA

Being a Cooperative financial institution, Confiar recognized the  importance  of  have  a  robust  security  stack  and  safeguarding its clients' sensitive data. The Cooperative had a range of traditional security tools in place, including firewall, anti-virus and email protection, but needed a solution that could understand user behavior and protect against fast-moving threats like ransomware.  

Darktrace's Self-Learning AI is uniquely equipped to defend organizations like Confiar against novel and sophisticated threats that evade other solutions. By analyzing all raw traffic across an organization, including email, cloud, and industrial environments, it develops a sense of 'self' for every user and device, and spots subtle deviations indicative of a cyber-threat.
Organizations must be prepared to detect malware attacks launched with tactics that have never been seen before – and this is difficult to achieve with legacy tools reliant on rules, signatures, and Threat Intelligence. In the context of modern digital infrastructure transformation, it is crucial to apply technology that delivers real-time visibility and coverage, and that is capable of detecting zero-day threats based on even the weakest indicators of attack.

From social engineering, hidden malware and unauthorized data transfers, Confiar knew it needed to incorporate AI into its security stack in order to protect its users and data in this new era of dynamic cyber threats. During  the  initial  trial,  Darktrace  illuminated  several  vulnerabilities across employee devices that the organization wasn't previously aware of.

Self-Learning AI is able to identify threats like this among the noise of an infrastructure because it constantly learns the patterns of an organization's users and devices. The AI understands the massive amounts of information Confiar produces and is able to discern the subtle indicators of genuine threat. This way, the security team stays ahead of emerging risk.

El Cyber AI Analyst aumenta el equipo de seguridad

Darktrace augments and supports defenders at every stage of cyber defense. Confiar relies on the Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst to automatically investigate sophisticated threats and provide critical details to the security team in seconds. The Cyber AI Analyst combines human intuition with the speed and scale of AI to investigate incidents up to nine times faster than a human does.

The  Cyber  AI  Analyst  was  built  from  observing  Darktrace's own world-class threat hunters. It creates hypotheses about emerging incidents as a human would, which it then tests against its understanding of the entire digital enterprise, ultimately arriving at actionable conclusions at machine speed.

Defensa constante con supervisión proactiva de amenazas

With a dedicated security team, Confiar further benefits from Darktrace's services, notably Proactive Threat Notification (PTN). Darktrace PTN provides Confiar with an additional layer of protection.

This service sends alerts – directly from a Darktrace Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst – to Confiar's designated contacts when incidents indicative of a  serious  emerging  attack  are  identified.  PTN's  automated alerting system provided an extra set of eyes in Confiar's transition to a hybrid workforce, with employees both working from home and going into physical branches. The critical adjustment period was uniquely secured by AI and expert support that minimized the guesswork in uncertain times.

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Confiar es una cooperativa financiera colombiana con 54 oficinas en todo el país, incluidas Bogotá y Medellín. Fundada hace casi 50 años, la Cooperativa es conocida por su liderazgo en proyectos de vivienda social.
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